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The Scottish Studies "Oor Club" is held each month at noon at the Duke of York pub in Toronto (steps from the St. George subway station). Guest speakers give presentations on a variety of topics of interest to members of the Scottish Studies Foundation and others interested in the things that Scots in Canada and overseas are getting up to. The presentations usually lasts about an hour (pronounced "oor" in Scots), hence the name. Everyone is invited to attend as the meetings are open to all.

The idea came from Scottish folk singer and artist Enoch Kent who now resides in the Toronto area. The original Oor Club was one where people met in two old tenement houses next door to one another in Duke Street in Glasgow back in the 1700s. The wall between the two tenements was knocked down with one house forming the speakers' room and the other the bar. Notable speakers were invited to speak on a topic on which they had expertise, with a set time limit of no more than one hour. Legend has it that Robert Burns paid a visit to the original club.

The cost to attend Oor Club is $5 which is donated to the Scottish Studies Foundation. Wide selections of pub lunches are available, typically costing between $5 and $15.


Friday November 6, 2015

"Within These Walls"

Speaker: Christine Woodcock
Genealogy Tours of Scotland

Please join us at noon on Friday, November 6 when Christine Woodcock will walk us through some of the historic events that occurred in Edinburgh's Old Town.

Scottish born, Canadian raised, Christine Woodcock had the best of both worlds, growing up immersed in Scottish culture. Realising that others of the Scots diaspora were not as fortunate, she started her business, Genealogy Tours of Scotland, to allow others researching their Scottish roots the opportunity to return to the land of their ancestors, conduct family history research and deepen their sense of belonging to their ancestral kin.

When not leading research groups to Scotland, Christine blogs, lectures, edits newsletters, hosts webinars and connects with others through social media.

Christine is a remote member of the Scottish Ancestral Tourism Group, will be a panelist at the Scottish American Leadership Conference, and is a self-proclaimed ambassador for Ancestral Tourism and for Scotland.

Christine edits newsletters for the Hamilton Branch and the Scottish Special Interest Group of the Ontario Genealogical Society as well as for the British Isles Family History Society of Greater Ottawa (a monthly ePublication). For the past year, Christine has also been the editor of British Connections, the quarterly newsletter of the International Society for British Genealogy and Family History. She was recently awarded the a silver star for Canada's Rock Star Genealogist and made the top 10 list for Rock Star Genealogist for both the UK and for the Commonwealth.

Christine chairs the Scottish Special Interest Group of the Ontario Genealogical Society and is responsible for planning the annual Symposium on Scottish Genealogy. She works in partnership with the Scottish Studies Program and seeks speakers from the program to share their knowledge with the SIG members. Christine has also developed a winter webinar series promoting the skills of experts in various parts of Scottish research. This unique venture is being used as a fundraiser for the SIG.

Christine has been a member of the Scottish Studies Foundation for a number of years and is looking forward to speaking at the November gathering. She finds that whenever the Scots Diaspora gets together, there is always great craic!

The Oor Club gathering begins at about 11.30am and usually ends by 2pm. The actual talk starts at about 1pm. Cost of admission is $5.00 so come along, enjoy a pub lunch and mix and mingle with friendly people. Everyone is welcome and you do not have to be Scottish to attend.

For more information you can telephone Pearl Grieve-Nixon at 416-926-7233. or you can email the Foundation at scottishstudies@yahoo.com.

The Duke of York is located at 39 Prince Arthur Avenue, just steps from the
St. George subway station (Bedford Road exit) in the heart of downtown Toronto.

Map showing the location of the "Duke of York"